Posted by: Karen | December 22, 2005

Lights & Munchies

Tuesday night we showed up to run at Gord’s for his annual pre-Christmas run. The route was flat and short and went past several prominent, beautifully decorated homes overlooking downtown.

I didn’t spend too much time looking at the lights, because I ended up looking for Krista. I didn’t see her leave the store, and couldn’t find her out with the group. At one point I decided to run back to the store to see if she got locked in, and Gord gave me the key. Nope, no Krista there, so I locked up and went back out again. I met several of the group on their return, and one of them had seen Krista head off in a different direction.

I ran back in with Dawn and Chris, and was actually thankful I hadn’t been trying to keep up to anyone faster, as my legs were still tired from Saturday. We waved to a couple of buses of folks enjoying the Christmas lights.

It later turned out that she’d gone out at a blistering pace, trying to keep up with one of our faster Penguins, Philippa, and when she lagged behind had unintentionally taken a different route back.

All’s well that ends well, though. After the run we all went to Gord’s house for a party. Gord’s wife had graciously cooked up a hearty pot of chili, and we all brought snacks and dessert. I brought a tin of mocha slices, a light, skinny, chocolatey cookie that looks like a very flat biscotti, but is not so hard.



  1. Send on the recipe! I’m making biscotti tonight but I need something else and this mocha slice might do the trick!


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