Posted by: Karen | December 15, 2005

Support the Struggle

Mark recently asked “Are you relating to this battle and, in doing so, rooting for yourself?”

I think I like to cheer on hurt/struggling runners because seeing them muster determination and creatively, doggedly work their way back gives me hope. Hope that if I ever have to face the same kind of situation, that I would do the same thing. Hope that I too will be able to dredge up what guts and energy I’ll need to accomplish feats I have not yet attained, under conditions I wouldn’t have chosen.

It also reminds me to get off my couch and stay reasonable in my training, to prevent injury and stay strong.

I get disappointed when I hear of folks that have tried running and then quit at the first twinge. I try not to think about them, because I fear if I did the same, I would lose all the wonderful benefits of my running.

Go Mark Go! Live Strong, Holly! Hang in there, Sue!

Heroes struggle. Whether they succeed in their dreams the way they planned or not, they’re still heroes.



  1. I like to cheer them on because sometimes there is no one else doing so. Kindness is FREE, and sometimes they perk right up when somebody gives ’em a cheer. It makes me feel good. Like I’ve helped somebody. And it’s just fun – we ARE out there together, aren’t we?

    OH! By the way: TAG! You’re IT. (I tagged you in my blog!)


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