Posted by: Karen | December 14, 2005

Holidays vs. Running

I ran the usual at Gord’s last night. It might seem kind of boring to you, to see my usual Wednesday morning post with the routine Tuesday run, but I post it anyway, because I DID run.

When I started running it was a struggle to integrate running into my life’s routines, but I carved out little sanctuaries of time for my runs. When holidays come, my routines get disrupted and the runs get buried under all the spontaneous debris of shopping and social obligations. This year I’m glad to have my little Tuesday night routine sheltering at least one run a week.

Routine is my friend, it keeps my training consistent. Routine is not a rut; a routine is a shelter for things that NEED to happen, like hanging up my car keys, brushing my teeth, and running on Tuesday nights. A running routine is something that others see me do and they know after awhile that it’s time they don’t mess with, or I’ll go insane. Like Monday Night Football or Hockey Night in Canada (for some guys) or Survivor (for me), like church or Sunday morning comics or whatever, after awhile, I’ve built my little sanctuary for/in my run.

So last night Dawn ran with Chris and I ran with Kelly out to Tom Campbell hill and back. No hills, but we kept it brisk and Kelly and I chatted the whole way. The temperature was beautiful and crisp, at about freezing. Last week’s snow had almost all melted, leaving dry streets with only some small patches of ice.

Now, on with getting ready for Christmas…


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