Posted by: Karen | December 13, 2005

Penguin Santa

Yesterday I received a box in the mail, with penguin and snowman stickers on it. Hooray! The return address was from Toronto, so I wondered about Toronto Penguins such as Joanne, Julie, Glenn, etc. There was a very good hint as to who this was on the back of a postcard of Ontario Place – it said *Hint* “This is the turnaround point for many of my training walks” Hmmmm, I think I know…

I was tickled pink to discover the goodies inside; polar-bear-&-penguin-sledding hand towel, cute little penguin ornament and pin, some maple syrup, chai tea and chocolates, yum. As soon as I saw the pink mothers daughters sisters bracelet from and the ribbon-shaped cookie with pink icing, I thought of Julie,whom I met last February at the Gasparilla races in Tampa.

Julie is standing 4th from the right.

Here’s her website where she raised a considerable amount of money to fight breast cancer while walking 60km in one weekend.

And in addition to all that, she sent me THREE t-shirts! One ever-so-soft one from the Dupont Spring Run-Off 8k in 2002, a long sleeved one from the Tim Hortons Chilly Half and Frosty 5k, and one more. The third shirt I consider a collectors item: it’s from the Toronto Marathon, Half, 5k & Relay, 10th Anniversary shirt, 2004. It even has a map of the route on the back – cool!


She enclosed a lovely card, labelled “to be opened at the reveal”. She must watch Trading Spaces like I do 🙂

Merry Christmas, Julie, and a big hugging thank you!



  1. Wow, what a great haul!!!! And what a good-looking bunch of women!!

  2. WOW! Penguin Santa was awfully good to you. 🙂

  3. PS – nice job on the lights.

  4. It must warm your heart to have such great friends!


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