Posted by: Karen | December 11, 2005

Catch the Elves 10k

A great race starts with a group pic.

I met John V. from Devon, Alberta on the Penguin Runners yahoogroup. He and his wife came to Calgary to visit their daughter and race his first 10k.

Strange headgear at this race! Dawn and Neil

The helmet cam was filming a woman running the 10k, and her hubby was a great coach. I made it a goal to a) catch up with the helmet cam, and then b) stay ahead of it. I have NO IDEA who Neil is, but he was fun and friendly, and I passed him before the halfway point 🙂

Hah. Dawn took a butt picture but I took a passing, laughing one!

It’s a rule in our races – if I pass Dawn she takes a shot of my butt. This one of her and those around her laughing is fuzzy, but worth posting!

John V from Devon running with his daughter. Dawn sprinting to the finish!

John’s knee didn’t like him much here, but he only had about 400m to go. His daughter’s quite the sweetie!

Dawn finishing. Hurray!

Dawn wanted a picture of her finishing. And I got in a butt shot, too!

Greg from Kansas with some Santa hat girls.

This is the Greg I mistakenly called “Arkansas” in the Okotoks race. I wonder what his time was. Didn’t see him the whole race.

John and his wife.

I look forward to seeing Mr. and Mrs. John again. They are neat people.



  1. Sounds like a great day – and those are fun photos!!

  2. Great photos and report. I will do mine tomorrow. I’m plum tuckered out after racing and 3 hours of shopping. I need to sleep and eat first.

  3. Awesome photos! Good going Karen. 🙂

  4. Karen: I’ve been reading your site since this summer and finally feel compelled to give you a virtual high-five for maintaining such a lively and descriptive running blog. These pictures are just great and help those of us who are far, far from the harsh environs of Canada feel the warmth and fellowship despite the frigid temps. Keep up the great work!

  5. Great race report as usual. Isn’t it fun to meet bloggers at runs!!

  6. woohoo! butt shots!

    you knew that’d draw me out. =)

  7. […] Finally I’ve had a chance to edit my pictures. I took 70 some odd pictures during the race. Some were great shots and some not. I had to edit and crop the ones I wanted to use and narrow it down to a dozen or so that I thought I would share with all my RBFers. Enjoy these and if you want more, check out the pictures on John & Karen’s blogs […]


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