Posted by: Karen | December 9, 2005

Light Run

Yay, a Chinook blew in yesterday, and the air warmed up to above freezing! Last night I felt light as the warm wind with only leggings, a long sleeved T and a button front fleece. I did wear mitts, but took them off by the second km.

At least, I felt light as air until I started running. Every Thursday run after a XC race is an exercise in mild pain management, as I work out the stiffness incurred on the trails. I don’t understand why I’m stiff on the Thursdays and not the Tuesdays, but that’s how it is. I really noticed the backs of my legs complaining when I ran on any snow-covered surface, so I stayed on shovelled sidewalks as much as possible. I focused on keeping the knees gently bent and taking small steps for the 6 ish kms I covered.

I enjoyed looking at many Christmas light displays. None of them were as ostentatious as this one (turn your sound off if you’re at work) which someone e-mailed me, but there were many lovely ones. I’m going to have to bring my camera along next week so I can show you some of my favourites.



  1. I NEVER see Christmas lights on my runs, NEVER EVER! What’s with that.

  2. I sent that link to Jamie (my husband) with a SUBJECT: “Sweetie, we need to do THIS!”
    and he thought I was SERIOUS! Explained to me QUITE technically how we don’t have the sort of equipment it would take! LOL!


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