Posted by: Karen | December 9, 2005

Bessie’s Goodbye

Fuzzy Penguin says Bon Voyage

Every Christmas, the Penguins on line hold their traditional t-shirt swap. Penguins have lots of t-shirts, because we get them often when we enter races. It’s a secret Santa kind of event, where we e-mail our addresses and t-shirt sizes to one person, who randomly assigns us to each other. This year I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw whom my receiver was to be: *jeanne*!

*jeanne* LOVES cows. She is a big fan of Bessie. Sooooo, Bessie took one of my favourite t-shirts to her in Chesapeake Bay for me. Besse took some local magazines, a hat, a small penguin friend and some chocolate too.

I’ve been bursting to tell you all about Bessie’s border crossing, but couldn’t until *jeanne* received her. Farewell, Bessie! Keep in touch, eh?


  1. And *jeanne* loved her!!!!


  3. And when the box came in…
    the poor petite little mail gal lugging it through the slurpy slushy driveway snow to our doorstep…
    and I looked at the return address and RECOGNIZED it as Karen’s!
    I started to cry.
    And then I opened it….
    and BESSIE! ! ! ! ! !
    I carried Bessie all over the house, laughing and crying and wearing that peerless HAT with the red maple leaves and jingle bells!!!

    And then I went upstairs and emailed Karen! 😀

    What a DAY!!! 🙂 I’m getting sniffly again just thinking about it!!!


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