Posted by: Karen | December 8, 2005

Photo Game

*jeanne* played this game last week over at her place. She snagged it from several other places, and I’m snagging it from her.

The way to play:
Use Google search IMAGESand type in the following queries –
1.Name of town where you were born
2.Name of town you live in now
3.Your name
4.Your grandmother’s name
5.Your favorite food
6.Your favorite drink
7.Your favorite smell

Use a pic from the FIRST page of Google Images to create your photolog! 🙂

He looks fierce, doesn\'t he?

Where I live now

This one\'s from a couple of years ago.

One of my Grandma\'s names

My favourite food

The best thing to drink with my favourite food!

When you live in a dry cold place like I do, this smell is heaven!

1. Viking, Alberta
2. Calgary, Alberta
3. That’s me running in the Edworthy XC on a nice, warm day (for November)
4. Florence
5. Warm chocolate chip cookies
6. Cold, 2% milk
7. Not to duplicate #5, this is the second best smell I like – rain in the woods.

ORN: (Obligatory Run Note) Tuesday night I got outside to run with the gang at Gord’s Running Store. It was nasty-cold at about -17C/1F, but Dawn walked with Philippa and I ran some loops in between walking with them. I’d run about a block ahead and then loop back to walk and visit, then when I got cold I’d run some more. None of the runners my speed showed up, for some crazy reason…

I got a little chilly, but it wasn’t anything a good cup of tea didn’t solve later. My legs have been a tiny bit stiff, which I attribute to racing Saturday, but it’s nothing a good run around the neighbourhood won’t take care of today. According to the radio a Chinook is blowing through and we’re already at above freezing. Hurrah!



  1. Florence! I LOVE Florence!!!

  2. Hey, Viking, home of the Sutters. I grew up on a farm in Vegreville, so we were practically neighbors.


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