Posted by: Karen | December 3, 2005


I really shouldn’t have read about Simba’s Mom’s dream and then Nancy’s Goofy one recently.

Last night I dreamed that I was late meeting Dawn for our Okotoks race. Not only that, but when she had come to meet me at the garage and I wasn’t there, my husband had let her take my car to the race. Without me. So I had no way of getting the race, I’d let my friend down by not being on time, and I was going to lose my contention for an IronPerson (perfect attendance in the series) award. It was very distressing!

Needless to say, I did not abuse my snooze button on the clock radio. I left my warm bed at 6 am and packed up everything.

I really should have packed for this race before I went to bed.



  1. […] Here is my list of stuff to remember to bring to the Okotoks XC race today. Normally I don’t write this all down, but the cold weather, my failure to bring my soup bowl to the last three races, and my nightmare last night have prompted me to be thorough in my preparations this morning. Besides, I can use this list again for the next cold race. […]

  2. Whew, I’m so glad that they weren’t REAL!!!!!!!!!!


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