Posted by: Karen | December 2, 2005

The Joy of Not being a Superhero…

… is that if I don’t feel like going out and conquering the cold? I don’t gotta. Unlike my hero, Pink Lady , who ran outside in the dark, freezing snowy stuff, I stayed in.

Some weeks I can firmly keep all my scheduling ducks in a row and discipline myself to work all the “should” stuff in, but now and then something’s gotta give, so last night was it. I tended to broken-hand boy’s doctor’s appointment, cooked spaghetti for dinner, did 2 days worth of dishes, sliced Wednesday’s homemade bread for the freezer, and didn’t run.

I didn’t just ignore my run, I defied it. I hauled out my vibrating foot soaker, filled it with warm sudsy water, and gave myself a pedicure!

IF I get out tonight for a jog, it will be a very short, token one, to say I did it in the nasty weather. No pressure to prove myself, though – I’ll be giving it all up at the Okotoks 8k on Saturday, no matter what the weather!



  1. That’s a funny post, Karen. 🙂

    Don’t worry, I’d say you deserved the break.

  2. I needed to read about someone who made the same “non running” decision I did yesterday. I too made the conscious decision to stay in and be warm (no pedicure though).

  3. I love Aaron’s comment – no pedicure. Tonight I stay in.

  4. I stayed in and defied the run too! I sliced fruitcake instead of bread and did laundry instead of dishes!

  5. You realize I have severely restrained myself about all these cold weather posts, right? Talk about smug. I HAD to wear a long sleeved shirt this morning. IT WAS 58F FOR HEAVENS SAKE. I could have died, I think, had I locked the keys in the house. 🙂

    Seriously, if I lived in Canada, I might never run outside. When you feel guilty about “not braving the cold” think about how I would have quit in September. 🙂

  6. Too funny! I did think of Linae when I was out warming up and cleaning off my car yesterday before work. I thought of how I hate being tense from shivering and how massively hungry I get when I’m cold, how I hate how my hair frizzes with static in the cold dry air, and how scary it sometimes is driving on slippery streets. I thought about how much I spend on winter clothing (mitts and hats that keep getting lost, coats & boots for growing kids), heating bills, gas to warm up the car, electric blanket, etc…

    … and decided that if I didn’t have all that I would emotionally and financially have lots left over to deal with wind/flood damage insurance, plywood, a hurricane evacuation fund and plan, and air conditioning.

    Oh, and our Powers That Be have called another election soon. Be right there, Linae!


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