Posted by: Karen | November 30, 2005

A Recap of the Month

I don’t do a recap every month, but now and then it’s good to actually say some things out loud on the blog. I’m not sure why, but I’ll take a stab at it. Warning: those wishing to avoid keyboard imprints on their face and who absolutely need to avoid drowsiness should proceed quickly along to some other blog entry.

A couple of months ago Dawn and I were looking at practicing ramping up our mileage, as if we were going to run a big, long race in February or something. Here was our plan. It’s a good thing the Feb race was imaginary for me, because we’ve now finished Week 12 but my long run mileage has not gotten past Week 5. At least my weekly long run mileage has consistenly not gone much below Week 5 for the last 3 weeks in a row.

The good news is that my monthly running mileage for November was my third highest this year, with 112.4 km, coming in after June (pre-Half Marathon) which had 115.5 km and January, in which I ran a whopping 121.4 km (pre-Gasparilla & Jan. is a big motivation month for me). I’m tempted to attribute November’s generous mileage to the fabulous weather we had, but then I look at January’s mileage again. ‘Nuff said.

I realize that many Ultra runners do my monthly mileage in one day, and that many veteran marathoners regularly accomplish that in a week, but for me it’s quite a progression from how inconsistent my training was a couple of years ago.

With 8 and 10 km races the next three weekends in a row, the long runs are going to take a break, but I look forward to stretching them out again over Christmas and into “Motivation Month” after that.



  1. Ultrarunning sure isn’t for everybody! You’re doing AWESOME!!!! Keep up that great consistency! I hear it’s the key!!!

  2. groovy mileage, k!

    have fun with your upcoming races and we’ll look forward to your january month end report!

  3. Well you beat my mileage in nov. I only did just under 90km. Good job!

  4. ahhh, good old “motivation month.” What does yours entail?

  5. A trip to Frostbite Falls! Frostbite Falls is an imaginary destination. It’s an old Penguin tradition: everyone chooses a distance they as an individual want to cover that month, and that’s how far it is to get there.

    When we accomplish our distance, we announce our arrival and head for the imaginary hot tub. Everyone on the Penguin yahoogroups celebrate with an imaginary party, because we all bring something yummy to share. It’s not easy to get there, though, sometimes Boris and Natasha (from the Bullwinkle cartoon) make trouble for us with blizzards and depressing fogs.

    I’ll probably set a race goal for February or March, while I’m at it.


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