Posted by: Karen | November 23, 2005

Record Day Run

Yesterday Calgary had a record high temperature of 20C/68F for November 22, and it was a running night. Woohoo! I wore SHORTS. Again 🙂 It was very weird to wear shorts to run from Gord’s Store in the dark. We ran down the Crescent Heights knoll beside the C-train, over and along Memorial Drive, under 10th street, and over 14th Street to the south side of the river. Then we ran past Prince’s Island and back up Centre Street.

No ice. Gentle, warm Chinook breeze. I was so delightfully warm I pushed up my long sleeves past my elbows. We chatted about Linda’s favourite types of social dances, about our training plans for the winter, and what a warm fuzzy feeling it can be to watch a loved one sleep. My legs were a little tired between 14th Street and Prince’s Island, but we kept on running and they got over it.

As we ran up the Centre Street bridge we grinned at the officer with his radar gun trained on the traffic whizzing past us. He grinned right back at us and when we got closer, he gave us a signal, pushing the air down with his hands, “Slow down, eh!” It was a beautiful night to be out, a true gift.



  1. Men in uniform and I missed it. Dang it all!!!


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