Posted by: Karen | November 23, 2005

It’s Just SO NICE out…

… that I couldn’t resist getting out to run again!

I took my bike to work on dry roads, on a sunny morning with just a hint of coolness in the breeze. No gloves even. And after work I ran home in shorts again! It’s November 23 and it was 17C/63F out there!

The Google pedometer says the run from work to my home is about 5.2 km, but there’s a fair bit of uphill involved, so I don’t expect race times when I do it. It took me close to the same time as last week – about 38 minutes.

It’s still supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow, so I’ll walk to work (downhill) and take the bike home after work. I still hope to get in one more run tomorrow night, before taking a rest day before the weekend.



  1. Hi Karen! We are having the same great weather and yesterday I pulled the bikes out of the basement and my wife and I rode to the bird sanctuary, parked our bikes and ran a 3.3k loop, got back on our bikes and rode home. It was great!…Today I am doing my last 14.4 k run to the sanctuary and back. Like you, I am going to ease off the week before our run. Looking forward to meeting you; you know it is my first “public” run ever! Let’s hope the weather holds.

  2. 17? 17! ugh! That day it was a windchill of -20 here. bah.
    I think we might get to 0 today.


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