Posted by: Karen | November 19, 2005

Smug Again

After reading about Linae’s upcoming weather and hearing about the cold wet stuff Winnipeg and North Eastern North Americans have been facing this week, I poked my head out the window. Heck, it’s 10C/50F degrees out there! And sunny. It’s Saturday and what do I have to do? Well, nothing that can’t wait until after a RUN, that’s for sure.

I went out for a jolly 42 minutes of dry, well-lighted, heart-pounding, lung-busting tempo run. I went on twisty, bumpy paths I won’t be able to when it’s dark and icy out. I thought about the Penguin whose name I drew in the Penguin Athletes t-shirt swap, and what and how I’m going to send it. I thought about my long run with the girls tomorrow, and ran a little faster, to remind myself that a) this is a short run and b) tomorrow’s LSD needs to be Long and Slooow. I waved to families out with their babies and dogs. I felt amazing. Invincible. Sexy. Bullet-proof!

I love running in Calgary weather, especially THIS kind.



  1. Good for you, I’ve yet to feel sexy when I run, smug yes, sexy NOT!

  2. Maybe it’s that global warming thing I keep hearing about. We’ve been in shorts and t-shirts here in CA all week, which is unusual even for us – we usually are wearing jeans by now (smile). enjoy it while it lasts.


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