Posted by: Karen | November 16, 2005

What I Get for Not Listening

In debriefing with Coach Dianne on Saturday night, I mentioned that I should get moving sometime Sunday or I’d be stiff from the race later in the week. She suggested that perhaps a bike ride would be a good idea, especially since soon the weather will make bike riding rather difficult and dangerous.

Well did I get OUT for the bike ride Sunday?
Well I
I um

Monday I drove to the library after work and watched the hockey game after supper. Last night I tidied the house for the In-Law Babysitting Service and went out to a wine tasting with the Hubby.

Did I get up early and run those days?

So this morning my Darling dropped me off at work with an extra bag of clothes, and I ran home from work just now.

Were my legs stiff?

Was there pain and grimacing involved?

Well that’s what I get for not listening to Coach.



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