Posted by: Karen | November 6, 2005

Tracking NYCM

I’m all excited about some Penguin friends running in the New York City Marathon today. I’ve set up a tracker, to tell me when they’ve crossed certain milestone chip mats, and I’ll be keeping them in my thoughts while I’m out on my long run over the next couple of hours.

Go Barbara Go! Go Daniel, Shari, Chelsea & Bonnie!
Go Nancy Go!

Thursday ORN: Oh yeah, I ran a very small bit on Thursday, just didn’t get around to posting about it. Soccer Boy rode my bike alongside while I ran uphill to the library, about 2 km away. After about 15-20 minutes, we went back home. Nothing noteworthy, really, but it was a run, all the same.



  1. Thanks for watching from home! I thought about you all every time I passed over a timing mat!!


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