Posted by: Karen | November 6, 2005

Slurpy Run

No, that doesn’t mean I ran out for a Slurpee. It’s just that there was a thin, melting layer of snow outside today, and by the time I got out at around noon, some places were kind of slushy.

I needed to a) pop into the office to do a 2 minute task on the computer, and b) run for a couple of hours, so I combined the tasks and ran the long way to the office, 7.5 km one way, with a net downhill. I mostly ran on pavement where I could, as the snow had actually melted on the black, warm surface, and many cement sidewalks were still slick.

The temperature hovered around freezing and the sky was overcast. I wasn’t sure what to wear, so put on a turtleneck, a t-shirt, and my windbreaker over leggings. I wore light, cheap mitts, but knew I would end up taking them off after the first mile or so. I took a chance and wore the brimmed running cap without earmuffs. I think I could have done without the extra t-shirt, but otherwise the ensemble worked well.

I got pretty tired trudging back up the long, gradual climb through Silver Springs and actually found myself grunting out a rhythmic hum to keep going. I had forgotten to stop by the bathroom at work, so ended up walking part of that big hill until I got to the Esso at the top.

Got ‘er done, though! And was happy to check everyone’s NYCM results on line when I got back. Woohoo! Go Penguins!


  1. I took a trail run (stupid of me) and slipped and slid for 4 out of the six miles with 2 pounds of mud on each shoe. Such is life in Alberta in November. At least it was relatively nice out.

  2. Ah yes the fun of deciding what to wear on a winter run. šŸ™‚

  3. Nice job! I was afraid you might have fallen and found yourself slurping the slush… glad you didn’t!


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