Posted by: Karen | November 1, 2005

Trick Or Treating

It was my year to go out trick or treating with the kiddos. Little Runner was a very cute kitty this year. By 6 pm (after a rushed spaghetti dinner) we dropped off my Grim-Reaper son (I nick named him Mort for the evening) and one of his buds in his old neighbourhood, with more buddies.

Kitty and I did a loop that covered our crescent and most of the surrounding one and then were back by shortly after 7 pm. She ran between houses, and when there were several dark ones in a row, we ran together. Nothing like the promise of sweets for motivation 🙂

She was inclined to stop at that point, so I hied her kitty-butt over to Hubby’s parents, where they could dote on her. We had a nice visit and begged at a few more houses before “Mort” called for his ride home. Hubby helped the kids sort and check their treats and then after a little gorge we all headed for bed.

Now I need to start on the Christmas cards!



  1. Ack! Christmas cards???? Ack! I can handle 30 weeks to tri season, but not “less than 2 months” to Christmas! Ack!

  2. Last year I vowed I’d address all my envelopes before packing away the Xmas stuff, so that THIS year all I’d need to do was write my Xmas letter, stuff the envelopes, check for address “updates” from people who may have moved, post and be DONE.

    Ha-ha-ha…”best laid plans”, did someone say???


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