Posted by: Karen | October 27, 2005

The Thursday 5k Squeeze

Thursdays I squeeze in a short run between supper and Survivor. Life doesn’t give me much room for running, but I get it in somehow!

Warning, Domestic Ramble starts here:
Today immediately after work I went to my favourite Loonie store (that’s Dollar store for you Americans) in search of Halloween stuff my kids wanted. Nothing good there, so I went straight to the mall and through three more stores before finding Little Runner a cat’s headband, tail, and paw-mittens. Hubby had shopped last night for grim reaper cloaks and only came home with a mask, so I popped into the Walmart fabric section and decided that Soccer Boy would receive an instant sewing lesson. Voila, two meters of black flowing crushed velvet fabric, and some reflective tape and a jug of milk later, and I headed for home. Oh, and I picked up 6 pairs of $1.00 mitts and some glow-in-the-dark necklaces at another Loonie store on the way out.

During this spree Hubby called and asked what to defrost for dinner, and Soccer Boy called to ask why I hadn’t come home to include him in the shopping. Right. As soon as I got in the door I handed kitty kat stuff to Little Runner – success 🙂 I peeled potatoes, cut up onions, and started Soccer Boy on his costume. We pinned his hood/cloak together with 4 safety pins and it looks great. SB cut jagged edges from the hem while I cooked up chicken and LR meowed happily in front of Snow White. At supper it was determined that I would take SB to his school dance, in exchange for Hubby bringing him home later, so I wouldn’t miss Survivor.

Take boy to dance, drive home (35 minute round trip), change, suggest to Hubby that LR might need a bath, as she’s going to the in-law’s tomorrow, and head out the door for my run in the dark.

Domestic Ramble ends now – Obligatory Running Note here:
I had a good, strong run. My quads warned me earlier in the day that they were feeling tight from last weekend’s race, but I really didn’t feel it in the first mile. The second mile was flat and then down hill, and I LOVE running down hill, so that part was good, too. I felt strong. I took out some repressed frustration about having to ASK the other parent to do stuff all the time. I really needed this run.

By the bottom of the hill, I was facing UP another one. This one is steeper, but shorter. By the time I got to the top my legs were indeed complaining about having to run up the whole thing, but I told them to shut up and that we were GOING to run all the way to the bus shelter BEYOND the condo entrance at the top, so there. My legs did what I told them. I felt much better, because at least somebody had done what I told them to do the first time (unlike some kids I know).

I ran on home, and though my legs were tiring, I was happy that my lungs and heart felt just fine.

More domestic grumbling:
I walked in the door, turned off the t.v., strongly suggested that our un-bathed LR get her jammies on, and started running my bath. Hubby came upstairs and headed out for a smoke. I told him I was running the bath for myself. He nodded and carried on. The phone rang, I chatted with someone about a Sunday morning group run, and Hubby headed back down to his computer. Um, hello… is anyone going to put LR to bed? Helloooo…

I ASK Hubby to step up to the parenting plate for 15 minutes, and head for a quick bath. Survivor comes on in 30 minutes, and there are still dinner dishes on the table. Oh, for Pete’s sake… I clean up me, clean up the dishes, and whew! make it to the couch in time for a round of challenges and intrigue.

I’m tired. But I got my Thursday run in! Bet you can’t wait to hear about my Friday schedule. Hah.



  1. Oh my God! It sounds exactly like my house! If you lifted yourself out of your house and into my house, you would be saying THE VERY SAME THINGS to my husband. Wow! I really feel better knowing that I’m not some kind of dysfunctional wife and mom who can’t get her act together. Many, many sympathies!!!!!! It took me until last summer to put my foot down and start making time for myself (which is why I took up running).

    Hang in there, Joanne:)

  2. Maybe we should get together with several others I know and have a husband training clinic? The trouble would be getting someone who would atually know how to train one!

  3. Why do so many women expect their husbands to be moms?

  4. Why do so many husbands think that their parental contribution is optional?

  5. It’s been my observation that most men sincerely believe they’re doing their half if they take out the garbage. You’re on a roll, girlfriend!


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