Posted by: Karen | October 23, 2005

Pre-Race Energy

7 of us before our race today
Krista, Yolanda, Karen, Linda, Dawn, Janna, Tim.

Throw in a couple more Penguins and we all get silly
Oh look! Let’s get Sylvie and Dianne in there, too.



  1. Happy runners:)

  2. Cool, a flock of penguins!

  3. […] I took one last walk break before the hill, and then started up. As I turned the corner in the bottom third of the hill I heard voices calling my name and lo and behold, a whole load of friends had come out to cheer me on up. Kris and her hubby were there, as well as Nancy, Yolanda, Derek, Paul and Linda. The group was a little ways from the top, and as I ran by them I told them ?Hugs at the TOP!? and they all came up with me. I hugged Linda, my broken/healing running buddy first, as she was already at the top, and then just about everyone else too. As I tried to hug Paul last, he pulled away and made me run for it ? what a joker. Then he jogged with me a short way with some encouraging advice. I had a little over 5 km to go now. […]


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