Posted by: Karen | October 19, 2005

Flat & Hilly in the Dark, Looking Forward to Confed PARK

I got out to run with Krista and Yolanda last night. The designated route was a really boring and flat one out to Tom Campbell’s Hill, but we jazzed it up with some hills along the escarpment on the way back. Thankfully there was nice, paved path through one park where there wasn’t much light. At least we didn’t have to worry about our footing. The rest of the time we ran down and up streets with some BIG hills. The run took us a bit longer than the flat way would have, but it was good training for the next XC race coming up this Sunday.

Our next Cross Country race is a 3 x 4 km relay, and is always a blast. Our Penguin group should be able to field 3 teams this year, and the weather is looking pretty good. Last year we ran on a couple of inches of snow, and the course was changed to have us run over a bridge instead of through the creek.

Hopefully the race will be warm enough to include this:
Confederation Park Creek 2003

instead of this:
Confederation Park Race 2004

I hope to do some splashing again, and then run under the clock like this:
Woohoo! I love finish lines!

Yes, I’m very warped. I WANT to run up and down hills, splash with both feet through a muddy, deeper than ankle deep creek and get my feet all squishy for the finishing sprint. XC has totally warped my sense of fun. And I LIKE it 🙂



  1. woohoo…here’s hoping you get all muddy and wet, rather than hypothermic!

  2. Today was the first day I checked your site out and it looks great (I linked to you already). I LOVE XC running – rain and mud and cold make you feel more alive. Have fun!


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