Posted by: Karen | October 15, 2005

Excuses, Excuses

Tuesday night I ran a nice, short one with the group. Fairweather Tim and I swapped stories about our races two weekends ago (he did the Harvest Half) and gently ran along just ahead of Yolanda and Linda. I kept thinking we’d loop back for them, but whenever I checked, they were right there, keeping up.

Wednesday was a rest day, but I had planned to run Thursday evening, in a repeat of last Thursday’s successful baking run. The weather was beautiful – I had no reason not to go, but I was very tired. I didn’t bake. I didn’t run. I was plastered to the couch by a tidal wave of lethargy.

Go Stamps Go!
I could have run right after coming home from work yesterday, but found myself digging out winter woolies and tidying up for the babysitter. Hubby had tickets to the Calgary Stampeders game and I didn’t want to freeze my rear. The weather was STILL perfect, but I would get chilly later sitting in the stands, so I bundled up. We watched our team run over the Hamilton Ticats instead of me running around the neighbourhood. It was a great game, and I got in a little crosstraining of clapping, cheering and jumping up and down.



  1. “I was plastered to the couch by a tidal wave of lethargy.” That is probably my most favorite quote ever..

  2. I’ve been doing the excuse thing too!

  3. Sometimes a day or two of rest is like an energy shot… it does you so much good you can’t believe it. (Wish there were really energy shots…)

  4. “tidal wave of lethargy” – what a GREAT phrase! Not a great motivator, however (lol)…
    Yup…I think I ride these tidals waves often.
    That’s why I’m running HALVES while my pals run FULL Mmmmmarathhhonnnns….


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