Posted by: Karen | October 8, 2005

This is My Middle

The problem with making home made bread on a regular basis is that nothing else will do. Brit makes her own bread, too, and I’m sure she understands.

Yes, you CAN bake happiness...

Thursday right after work I started two batches of bread. I put them in the oven just before going on my run later, and Soccer Boy pulled them out when the timer went. He also mixed up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough (my FAVOURITE) and I baked them up during the commercials as I watched Survivor.

I will have my love handles forever, or as long as my mixer works. If I didn’t run I would be a total blob!

ORN: Around the 5.2ish route in the dark. Shooped through tons of leaves. The muscles never really warmed up, and complained lazily through the whole thing. I think they were still miffed at all the work I put them through at the XC race last weekend.

Anyhoo, it’s Thanksgiving weekend here. We’re off to visit relatives and celebrate a big anniversary. Time to pack and get outta town. I WILL get in a run or two, in between turkey dinners.



  1. The heck with the bread – my eye was immediately drawn to the cookies in the background. Those would last on my countertop approximately 6 or 7 nanoseconds.

  2. Bread? There’s bread in that picture? All I saw was the cookies too. 🙂

  3. Ha, that’s funny! I never noticed the cookies until I read Nancy & Jon’s comments – I was alllll about the bread. I could easily eat a half a loaf of good stuff like that in one sitting!! It really is a work of art! 😀

  4. HAHAHA. All I saw were the cookies as well. Girl, what are you thinking – in the clear cookie jar, those would totally be gone in a blink if they were sitting on my counter. I have to HIDE the cookies and release them periodically or the entire house gets a cookie-high.

  5. AHH warm bread…..cookies don’t stand a chance.

  6. […] Wednesday was a rest day, but I had planned to run Thursday evening, in a repeat of last Thursday’s successful baking run. The weather was beautiful – I had no reason not to go, but I was very tired. I didn’t bake. I didn’t run. I was plastered to the couch by a tidal wave of lethargy. […]


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