Posted by: Karen | October 4, 2005

XC Pictures

I promised pictures in my race report. Dawn has some fantastic shots of the race on her blog, and Kathy Taerum took some very good photos of racers, which are now up on the Calgary Roadrunners photo album.

In the first Calgary Roadrunners photo you can just barely see my pink hat towards the back of the crowd, which, according to the results, is about where I stayed the rest of the race. I’m not in any more of the photos posted this time, but if you go look, you’ll see a) some great shots of the varied terrain on the course, and b) I am not the only crazy nut that really enjoyed this race. Those sticks bridging one of the streams that the skinny-fasts are skipping over were VERY slippery.

I handed my son the camera a photo at the beginning of the race, and he got this shot of me just as the 8k racers started. I’m in the pink hat and shorts, and there really are folks behind me, just not in this shot 🙂
8k Start

This is what the finish line looks like from the bottom of the last hill.

Before the race I was chatting with Philippa, a friend from the Gord’s Store running group (Gord’s donated copious amounts of door prizes to this race ). She shattered her ankle last year in a bicycle accident and spent last year volunteering and recuperating instead of racing. She is not only in my age group, we will also change age groups together next year. When I noticed that she was dressed to race, I sagely advised her to take it easy on this rough terrain. You know, so she wouldn’t re-injure herself. And that if she was ahead of me, maybe she would be going too fast (wink, wink). She didn’t take my advice, but we had a good laugh together.

Philippa and Me



  1. Great picture of you and Philippa.The rest are good too. Thanks for sending me the finishing shots.

  2. […] There were quite a few people who completed some huge milestones this past weekend. Brent is a marathoner and is super proud. Ellie confirmed her super-human abilities as an ultra-distance triathlete and Dawn and Karen completed the Waldorf XC Race in Calgary. Well done all of you. […]

  3. What a beautiful place for a race, Karen! Ofcourse, the hills wouldn’t look so nice if I were running, but the landscape certainly is breathtaking. Love the colors!

  4. Those are great great pictures!

  5. Oh, YES! XC season again!!!
    Great pics…beautiful colors! I’d have LOVED *hating* those hills! 😉


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