Posted by: Karen | September 25, 2005

Personal Duathlon

I didn’t get my bike home on Friday, as planned. I didn’t manage my work time adequately and ended up taking the car back home in a rush to meet Little Runner’s school bus. I didn’t get the bike Saturday either, but did get in an eensy bit of cross-training at the pool. Little Runner went to a swimming birthday party and I went along to make sure she didn’t drown. We had a fun time, and I even got in a few laps of the pool.

Not getting the bike earlier meant I had to get it sometime, so I worked it into today’s long run. The plan called for a run of 12 km. I mapped out a longish route through Silver Springs to my work and ran it there; 7.5 km. I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic, but that part was a net downhill route and I reminded myself it was a Long SLOW run, and eventually found my stride. I made it there in 55 minutes and hopped on the bike.

Once on the bike I remembered that I’d brought along a new gel to try. Gord had handed out free samples of Honey Stinger at the store a few weeks back and of course I had to try the chocolate one. I knew it was made of mostly honey, and I normally LIKE honey, but it tasted terrible with the cocoa mixed in. Blech. I wasn’t enjoying my Raspberry Ultima very much either, but it washed away the honey taste at least. I ate it all anyway, and cycled the short route home.

I was interested in finding out how far my bike computer thought the distance was, but it looks like I need a new battery. The Google Pedometer map calls the short route home 5.2 km and it’s a net uphill route. After riding home I parked the bike, popped into the house for 15 minutes of parenting and a bathroom break and then left for 5 more km of running. I’d stopped my watch for the break at home. My body felt tired, but there was no pain involved, and my heart and lungs found a nice subsistence level of operation that even allowed me to run up the big hill I’ve been running on the usual 5k route.

By the time I got home I’d been working out for 2 hours. I haven’t run or done anything like that for 2 hours since before the Stampede Half in July. Funny, I haven’t felt this tired since then, either.

I quickly scarfed down some leftover salmon and a big glass of milk and went over to pick up Dawn and her granddaughter. We made it to the theatre just in time to watch March of the Penguins. What a miraculous story, well told with fantastic cinematography and music. I would never walk 70 miles to the grocery store just after giving birth. And if I returned from said far-away store with only fish breath after weeks of leaving my hubby with the kiddo, I’d better be bringing beer. Seriously though, it was a beautiful movie and I think penguins are miraculous, amazing creatures. If you are a parent, or even just love someone, it will give you new perspective on life and family connection. Go see it.

I topped off the day by signing the papers to SELL OUR VAN 🙂 Hubby had managed to sell it while I was at the movie. Isn’t he amazing? Oh, and I went out after supper and bought Little Runner’s birthday presents (she turns 10 on Wednesday). I’m getting a little stiff, so have taken some Advil and a Brown Cow (Kahlua in milk) and am heading for my electric blanket.



  1. I recommend home-made gels flavored to your taste! I haven’t found a commercial gel yet that I really like the taste of, but I DO like my homemade gel! Bonus: costs next to nothing to make!

  2. Gack! Chocolate and honey! Blech! Ok, that would be really gross. I’ll skip that one too, but thanks for the being the tasting guinea pig. 😀

  3. i’ve always wondered what the honey gels taste like. i add honey to gatorade on occasion and it’s pretty tasty.

  4. Good job on the run/bike/run! That’s more than I managed to do. Thanks for the movie date, it was great.

  5. What a day! No wonder you’re tired…
    I’ve been making my own gel, too, a la Nancy. Works very well. Basically honey and corn syrup.
    But a Brown Cow, now… that might be the best thing yet.


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