Posted by: Karen | September 21, 2005

Successful Experiment

This morning the sun shone, the birds sang, and I even found the key to the new shed Hubby built, so I could extract my bike from it and ride to work. Riding to work was the easy part. Figuring out what to wear and what to put in my pack was considerably more difficult and took twice as long. It took me less than 15 minutes to zip gently down through the streets and pathways to work.

After work I changed into running shorts and left my dress clothes and shoes at work, to bring home tomorrow. No need to add extra weight to my pack on the way home. I needed to be home on time to catch Little Runner from her school bus, but I figured that 40 minutes would be PLENTY of time for me to complete the 5k I’d mapped out, even with the elevation gain. I had neglected to consider traffic lights and school crossing guards. Even when I tried to make up for lost time by cutting through places, I found myself clambering onto a 3 foot concrete retaining wall and scaling a chest-high chain-link fence. It was my own little Amazing Adventure Race. I was positive as I sprinted down my alley that I’d failed my mission, but I tried the best I could. I made it home 5 minutes late, but thankfully the Darling’s bus was late too. I even managed to unlock the door, doff my pack, and pant for a minute before the bus pulled up.

I will give myself more time to get home next time I try this.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, and I have errands to run for work, so I’ll take the car again. Friday, depending on the weather, I can walk to work (I won’t run, no showers at work) and cycle home, or I can run down and pick up my bike on Saturday. I’ll bet running to my work on Saturday will take a lot less time than running home did today.

I have to say I felt quite self-righteous as I jogged along. I’m used to being a runner, but today I actually was a running COMMUTER. Look at me, staying healthy and saving gas and carrying my lunch bag home in a pack on my back!

I’d had lots of reasons not to do it. Construction at work making it difficult to store the bike; it’s September, what am I doing starting this crazy practice in the fall, not the spring; what if a tire blows? what if I twist an ankle? what will I do when it snows?

I did it anyway. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it again, or for how many times, but I did it today. And that is good enough for me.



  1. that is so awesome! i’ve done a couple running commuter sessions, but at 13 miles one way, i don’t try it very often! BUT the new job is 5k from the house, so i’m guessing i’ll bike and run often!

    hope that you’re able to continue it on a regular basis!

  2. Good job. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain until Friday. I want another great run tonight.

  3. Impressive. It feels so good when youcan combine commuting with training doesn’t it? It leaves extra time in the evening for sitting around feeling cool. *grin*


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