Posted by: Karen | September 18, 2005

A Weekend with the Camera

Friday night Hubby was asked to judge the homemade wines at the Chestermere County Fair again. Since Chestermere is East of the city and we live in the North West, we decided to do some East Calgary shopping before going back to pick him up. Here’s a store we spent a LOT of time in. I think Jon would approve, seeing as it was on a Friday.
Ooh, there\'s a store we need to see.
Check out these chocolate and caramel apples.
Nuts, Sprinkles, and even a S\'mores themed version. Chocolate Leaf on a Stick

After the mall closed Hubby was still wrapped up in judging all the entries, so we hung around the gym where many of the entries were displayed and I told Little Runner to have some fun with the camera. We set the resolution on very low, so she could take a lot of pics before the card filled up. When the card did eventually fill up, we erased about half of the photos due to fuzziness and set her off taking pictures again. It was a GREAT way to keep her from touching the entries. Here’s what the display tables looked like from her point of view:

Yum, yum.
I should mention that in Canada, first prize ribbons are red.
What do you think of the tannins in this one?
Little Runner really enjoyed looking at the entries submitted by kids.
Our province is celebrating its 100th Birthday this year.

Yesterday I got all dressed for a bike ride and was disappointed to find my gel bike seat was soaking wet from the recent rain. My morning window for riding came and went, and I spent the rest of the day caring for Little Runner and her fever. I did manage to make a couple of zucchini chocolate cakes, though.

This morning Little Runner’s still feeling kind of icky, but I got out for an early morning run with Linda for about an hour. The weather was PERFECT for a jog at about 8C/46F.

During one walk break about 2/3 through we came upon a chainlink fence bursting with sweet pea flowers. Beautiful! As we stuck our faces into the blooms to enjoy the fragrance a man stuck his head out the door and told us to pick some, if we wanted. Oh JOY! We each picked a modest bouquet and trotted off on the rest of our run. What a picture we must have been! Ah, but the camera was at home for that part.

I meant to capture Linda holding her bouquet when we got back, but forgot. So here’s a snap of my little bouquet instead. Little Runner was quite happy I’d brought her back some flowers.
I must plant some of these next spring.



  1. Oooh, oooh, I want a job judging wines too!!!!! How did he get that gig??

    Inspired idea for Little Runner’s photos, too! 🙂 Great pix!

  2. Hubby belongs to the local wine guild at a wine-making store. No dues to pay, but they get together regularly to sample and critique each other’s home made wines. The guild hosts on a wine tasting course with several different sessions involving the qualities of different kinds of wines (table reds, aperitifs, etc.). He took the course, made some connections, and has since been asked to judge the occasional competition. As a volunteer, of course – the “pay” is obvious 🙂

    I’m going to give Little Runner the camera more often. She really got into it.

  3. Oooh, I definately approve. I think I’ve even had some of their chocolate. I think they had samples at the Chocolate Extravaganza (?) here in Dearborn a few years ago. I think it was them. The chocolate was little cube samples in foil wrappers. Funny how the nicer shops all have that same kind of look with dark wood shelves and the glass case up from filled with stuff you want so badly.

    All I have in the house are M&M’s. Darn.

  4. Great pictures. See you Tuesday!

  5. zucchini chocolate cakes? MUST HAVE RECIPE! Also I love carmel covered apples..yum a licious

  6. A post to make my mouth water. Good thing I have already eaten! Great photos…

  7. OMG – No one told me first place is red here! Thanks for the tip, I’m pretty sure you just saved me some sort of future embarassment.


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