Posted by: Karen | September 16, 2005

I Work in Construction

Do you know what pops up when you type sexy construction guy pictures into a search! Oi! Well, not really. I work in Real Estate, but my office building is undergoing a major re-surfacing. Since July I’ve had to walk through/under a maze of scaffolding to get into the stairwell and put up with machinery sounds that remind me that I need to see my dentist.

A construction guy cracked the outer pane in my window the first time he had the window out a couple of weeks ago, and with all the rain we’ve had lately, water got trapped between the panes. The Big Cheeze humourously named my window the goldfish bowl and we’ve been chuckling about it. Yesterday the construction guy took out my window again, applied a bunch of smelly goop around the frame, and put it back, still cracked, explaining that they still didn’t have a replacement. He had a huge grin on his face, though, because he’d cut out a grinning fish out of blue plastic and set it swimming in the window! I laughed to tears as he took out his jiffy marker and drew a little castle for the fish to swim through. I’m naming the fish “Bruce” because he kind of reminds me of one of the characters in “Finding Nemo”.
My building \"Bruce\"
At least I got some fresh air in the office. With all the rain seeping through the wall, the carpet was starting to smell musty.

It felt REALLY good to get out after an early supper last night and go out for a run around the block. I hadn’t got out Wednesday night, but cleaning out the van-for-sale and grocery shopping will have to count as necessary cross-training. Last night I thoroughly enjoyed the freshness autumn air tempered with hints of decaying leaves (I love that smell). It had rained a little bit just on my way home from work so the leaves on the ground weren’t crunchy enough to enjoy shooping through. I made my way around my neighbourhood and stopped at the 7-11 for some whipping cream to have over fresh peaches later. As I came out of the store, I met up with one of our Calgary Roadrunners and jogged a little ways with her before turning back to my route. Last stop on the neighbourhood jog: I popped into a new friend’s house (they’re moving in this weekend) and she showed me her new digs.

I covered 5.6 km and got home in time to bathe and tuck in Little Runner before settling down in front of Survivor: Guatemala. Go Steph!



  1. That fish and castle window is great! I’ll be you’ll be sad when it gets replaced.

  2. Love the window. 🙂

  3. That is really cute, sounds like a fun place to work!

  4. Your construction people are alot nicer than ours. If that happened at my office, they would have put up a big sheet of plastic and told us to “deal with it”. Sometimes I want to live in Canada.


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