Posted by: Karen | September 11, 2005

It rained most of the weekend here, but by this afternoon the sun came out and I got out for a dry run after all. There were just enough puddles to make it interesting.

I planned my route ahead of time today using the Gmap Pedometer because I wanted to make SURE I got in 10 km. I don’t trust my run-by-time method when there are hills en route, and I’m still getting to know my new neighbourhood. Even though I wrote down the streets to follow from my map on a scrap of paper, I messed up my route and found a street I didn’t know existed. I went south instead of north on Dalhousie Drive, missed Dalhart Whatever and ended up on Buckboard Road instead.

I guess it figures that a western-themed town like Calgary would have something named “Buckboard Road”, eh. At least it was an interesting detour. Believe it or not, it’s got a couple of older farmhouses and country-type lots mixed in with triple-garage mansions on the other side of the street. If it wasn’t on an uphill slope I was trying to avoid I might have enjoyed it even more.

Ah well, I still got my “easy” 10 km done, and made it back in around 75 minutes.



  1. It must be fun to run in a new neighborhood. But I remember feeling a little strange when I headed out my first time in CT. Now it seems like home. Your will soon, too!

  2. GMaps are cool. I’m hooked! See you at Gord’s – DON”T pick me up, I’ll meet you there. By the way the plan only calls for 4.8km tomorrow.

  3. Buckboard Road sounds like a lot of the areas around here. They sell off farmland, so old timers’ country-folk homes, vast farms and their homesites, and BIG BIG brand new Washington-commuter 3-story Colonials can often be found right alongside each other.

  4. Gosh, Karen, sounds like one of *my* runs! Getting lost, finding something (maybe not myself), eventually getting back…

    One of the best road names I know of is near here… Dung Hill road. I swear I am not making this up. And we used to live on Devil’s Half Acre road, which came out onto Pig’s Ear Road, in Accident, MD. Where I worked for a doctor whose office was on Cemetery Road.

  5. Buckboard road sounds like something I might run on!

  6. I usually make a few wrong turns whenever I run a new route that I’ve mapped. I like to come up with new excuses each time: The street was mislabeled. Google map is wrong. I was distracted by the rabid dog, etc. Good luck with your runs!


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