Posted by: Karen | September 4, 2005

Baked Brie & New Orleans

Every year around this time I have a little run with friends and we go back to my place for some baked brie wrapped in Pilsbury crescent rolls. This year much of our group was otherwise occupied (2 with impending weddings and Dawn has a very sore toe), so it was an intimate brunch with Linda and Dianne. I gave Linda a tour of the pathways and parks I’d recently discovered in my neighbourhood, and then Dianne joined us for brunch and we had a nice visit. The sun shone, only a few trees are starting to turn colour, and we appreciated many gorgeous back gardens in their last stages of summer bloom. Linda and I ran for about 55 minutes or so.

After the girls left I puttered around the house doing weekend housework until it was time to go over to the in-laws for an Indonesian shrimp boil for supper. Shrimp always makes me think of Forrest Gump and the Gulf Coast and we couldn’t help but shake our heads sadly over the dire situation in the Katrina-ravaged states.

If you’re like me when the conversation around you turns to the upsetting topic of how scary it’s been in New Orleans this past week, Anne Rice’s piece about what it means to lose New Orleans has been very helpful in giving me a native’s perspective.

Author’s P.S.: I almost forgot to mention that our friend Dudley found a way to contact the Penguin Yahoo Groups and so far he and his family are doing okay.



  1. Interesting Anne Rice article, thanks for the link!

  2. Ah, the end of summer. I’m not ready 😦

  3. I’m sorry I missed it. Baked brie brunch sounds awesome… Next year. You said it’s an annual thing, right? I am hereby confirming my attendance for next year. Provided you’re still having it, of course.

  4. Thanks for the link to ann rice’s piece..I just want you all to know that I”m moving to Canada to be a penquin because I want to go to Gords and to have baked brie….life is so unfair…do you think they’ll be inventing teleporters soon?

  5. […] ;that show off and her speedy post partum recovery. I wish I was Canadian so I could be a penquin too. And go to all the Gord’s running get togethers that Dawn and Karen attend. […]

  6. mmmm…baked brie. that sounds so yummy right now!

  7. Where was Anne Rice when Katrina hit? Is she in New Orleans now, like Harry Connick, Jr, wearing hip boots and pulling elderly people to safety?

    Many of us are devasted by what is happening, and are helping as best we can.


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