Posted by: Karen | September 1, 2005

Thanks and Thoughts

Thanks so much for your birthday wishes! I like birthdays. They mean I’m living longer, which is way better than, well, not. They remind me I’m one year closer to my ultimate running goal of winning a 90+ age group award someday.

My run this morning was both serendipitous and sad. I don’t usually run in the mornings unless it’s a weekend long run with friends or a race, but tonight I’m booked for something else. I was awake early anyway, so I got the togs on, downed a cup of coffee and a slice of whole wheat bread with Nutella, and headed out. My runs from home lately are a basic quest to just “get ‘er done” – find something as close to flat and mindless as possible and don’t come home for X (today X was 40) minutes.

I ran for 2 minutes and walked for a few steps. Started again and ran for 2 more before walking again. Thought of how I need to TRAIN, not just jog. Thought about how beautiful the morning air felt, how grateful I am for the comforts of a dry home, electricity, and the fact that my city hasn’t been wiped out, and ran the next 8 minutes straight without a break, until I had to wait for a traffic light. I kept thinking “Get ‘er DONE”.

You can imagine the immense grin that spread across my face a block later as I passed by a young man waiting in a bus shelter with a message on the back of his shirt in huge lettering: “GET ‘R DONE” !!! I actually went back after a few steps and thanked him for wearing the shirt.

The rest of my run involved contrasting feelings of sadness and delighted gratefulness. I prayed for victims as newspaper headlines in vending boxes reminded me of devastation from Hurricane Katrina, hundreds dying in Bagdad and a local suspicious death. I thought about a fellow Penguin, Dudley, who has posted so much about Lafourche Parish in Louisiana, and wondered if he was able to evacuate far enough from Katrina’s wrath during his change in residence to Laplace.

I hope Dud and his loved ones are okay and I said a few prayers to that effect. I also hope that we will hear from him soon. I held him in my mind and imagined him and his wife Mary helping out wherever they can. I toodled around on paved pathways winding between beautifully gardened back yards and thought about how Dudley, with his back problems and health challenges always ends his posts with “Live Life”.

That’s just what I’ll do, then.



  1. I agree, it’s so hard to keep going with my ‘trivial’ exercise and training plans right now. It just doesn’t even seem like it could be real, does it? Tonight I took all my stress out about the hurricane, rising gas prices, and all the other crazy mess in this world out on the racquetball. It felt great.

  2. Maybe by the time you hit the 90 age group I will be able to keep up with you for more than 10 minutes. 🙂


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