Posted by: Karen | August 28, 2005

ORN & Volunteering

Obligatory Running Note:
Walked and ran for about 55 minutes around my hilly neighborhood yesterday in the middle of a warm, sunny day. I just didn’t get my butt out soon enough for the cool morning air, so ended up plodding and sweating along. I still don’t have much mojo to speak of, and I walked more than I ran. For the first 20 minutes I managed run/walk of 5/1, but after a 15 minute walk uphill at one point the running was sparse. I meandered back through the doggie park and connecting pathways.

I need to figure out a “just do it” loop that doesn’t involve much change in elevation. You know, the kind where you just turn on your feet and turn off your brain and get ‘er done? This exploring is taking up too much energy.

I found a neglected saskatoon tree near the path that obviously no one knew bore edible fruit, as there were several dried up old berries on it. Lucky me, there were still some yummy plump ones on there and I managed to munch a happy handful. If I had been running I might have missed it.

I got up a little early this morning to load up the van with Bessie and Calgary Roadrunner clothing (I’m the clothing contact person) . I picked up Dawn and Pinko and we arrived at the Robert Hamilton 10 miler at 7:30, right on schedule. The cows wanted something to do too, so we let them model the CRR clothing. That’s Pinko showing a little leg, and Bessie’s on the right – topless but looking good in the shorts.

Pinko, Airhead and Bessie, our models

Dawn got course marshal duty a ways down the road and I drew finish line work. Woohoo! There are very few happier places in the world than finish lines. I helped set up and move the clock stand down the road to where it needed to be. Alan-the-timing-guy made a joke about how other folks walk their dogs in the morning. HE gets to walk his CLOCK. Alan was a blast. At one point he ran through the finish area, snapping his camera randomly. He called it a “run by shooting”. I appointed myself the official “WooHoo!” instigator and enjoyed cheering runners in.

I got to enter in the numbers of racers approaching the finish line. There were only about 70 racers and 2 different distances (5 & 10 miles), so it wasn’t an exhausting task. I didn’t have to punch in ALL the racers, just the ones I could manage, and the other clicker-bobby would manage the rest. What IS it about racers that don’t care about showing their race number?

Here are a couple of shots of the start:
This is what it looks like when the WINNERS start.
Barry & Nessie

See that older lady in the pink shorts at the right of the bottom picture? Whenever she’s in a race I’m in I always knock myself out trying to catch up to her, and her age group is 70+. I think I actually beat her once. Her time this year was my 10 mile time (and PR) at this race last year. I wonder if she would have gone faster if I’d been on her tail.

During the awards Lloyd Hamilton, brother of Robert Hamilton, whom the race is named after, said a few words about how this race is a special tribute to one of our first fallen Roadrunners. RH was mowed down in an intersection on a group training run and this race is a very fitting legacy.

I should have run the 5 miler. I would have placed in my age group just by finishing! Age group awards were gingerbread cookies in the shape of a runner, baked by the co-RD herself. It wasn’t a total loss, though, Dawn won a pair of shoes from our favourite sponsor, Gord’s! She was so tickled pink she took me out to Peter’s Drive In for lunch. Read her blog to see how much fun we had there.



  2. Thanks for a wonderful report. Looks like you had a great time. Most important A BIG FLIPPER HUG for volunteering.
    Robert S. in Tacoma

  3. awesome story about the race, k! reminds me that i need to get out and volunteer at some events locally. gotta give back as much as i take, right?

  4. “Dawn was tickled pink”! LOL!
    Is Dawn ever NOT pink???

    Great race volunteer report, and I love pic the PWC Calagarian Cows wearing the club logo-gear!

    But how tragic about the race’s namesake. Life can be so fragile…

  5. Once again, you two get to go to the best races. Gingerbread cookies for place prizes? You should definately have run! 🙂

    And I like that old car behind Bessie and Pinko.

  6. […] Okay, this is more than one goal, here. Remind me when I set the 2006 goals to set one goal at a time! For the sake of points, I’ll break it down into parts. a) Gasparilla 15k in the relay: Nailed it! Not only that, but I had an awesome time running with Carlene and received Bessie as an award! How cool is that! 100% I give myself an bonus 100% for travelling to my first destination race. Total of a) = 200% b) Robert Hamilton or Moose Mountain 10 milers: Achieved neither: 0%. I was sluggishly slow in recovering from a road-rash incident in July and I let it zap my motivational momentum for the summer. I did volunteer at Robert Hamilton and had a darned good time, though. I will average these points, for a total of 100%. […]

  7. […] Bruce and Lindsay, some of the nicest race directors you’ll ever meet, had LR help them hand out door prizes and awards. The medals, like in previous years, were an edible gingerbread runner. LR was thrilled to bits to receive a spare medal when one of the winners had to leave early. She didn’t wait until we could get home and take a picture of it – she had the legs eaten off before we even got to the car. I didn’t win any of the door prizes like Dawn did last year, but at least I have a nice new pair of customized Defeet socks for training – my favourite kind. […]


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