Posted by: Karen | August 26, 2005

Free the Froggies!

Last night I went to sleep, realizing that I hadn’t freed the froggies yet and worrying that they were going to starve to death. and it would be my fault.

Earlier this week I had a problem with my van’s service department, in that they didn’t fix the shimmy and pulling to the right my 4 year old van shouldn’t be doing. I had it in before I went up north and they were supposed to fix it, but they didn’t. Turns out I drove hundreds of miles on tires that were SEPARATING. Ack! Finally got the tires ordered in and installed, and had the alignment done. The thought that I could have blown out a tire at 115 km/hr on Highway 2 caused me some stress.

I didn’t like that word: SEPARATE. Hubby and I love each other dearly, but sometimes life gets hard in coupledom, you know? Hearing the word bothered me. I’m a person that fixates on WORDS. It doesn’t help that this week I’m PMSing (today’s lunch was chocolate milk and Cheetos) and not dealing with the stress well.

Last night I had a nightmare that my husband and I were SEPARATING. And then I was downtown with the froggies near a big fountain and a couple of big frogs came and ate my little bitty ones. Hubby gave me a big hug today, reassured me he is going no where, and thinks I’m suffering a little “separation anxiety”. I think he hit the nail on the head.

I knew I should have gone for that run yesterday instead of taking the recycling in.

Hubby, Little Runner and I took a pail full o’ froggies down to the murky, quiet, shallow end of the canoeing lagoon in Bowness Park after work today. I should have brought the camera. We let little runner hold one froggie to say good bye, and she kissed it before dumping it back in the pail.

“Well that one wasn’t a prince, shall we try the other one?” I joked. Little Runner didn’t get it, but Hubby had a good laugh.

The water was only a few inches deep and Hub tipped the pail gently on it’s side to let the critters go. The tadpoles were VERY excited to dive down in between the rocks and gorge themselves on something. Froggie #1 clung to a trailing vine for a while and then swam off, I know not where. Froggie #2 swam and swam and swam. He went in a curve so we could see him for quite a while. I bet he was happy not to bump into that silly bowl all the time.

We went out for dinner and talked about how we said good bye to our former pets and got all teary eyed, both of us.

Little Runner misses her froggies, but I’m happy to let them go. I think I’m going to sleep much better tonight.


  1. awww sweet. (dreams can be so bizarre, can’t they??)

  2. I’ll miss froggy updates but I’m sure they are happy little buggers right now!

  3. Its too bad you couldn’t mark them somehow so you could spot them later when they were bigger. Ofcourse, that big radar collar might not fit very well. 🙂

    Hope you are sleeping better now!

  4. Sometimes you have to kiss a lotttttttttttttt of frogs to find a Prince.

  5. That is cool that you had tadpoles that grew into frogs and then they got to go free. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I like your frog story.


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