Posted by: Karen | August 24, 2005

Tuesday Meeting Minutes

Last night Dawn and I ran together from Gord’s. Since it was just the two of us (quorum!), we called a meeting of the Penguin Stampede Committee to order as we started running. I volunteered to take the minutes as I set my stopwatch.

Various discussions included:

. The weather: It’s done it again. It rained until we got here, now it’s not even drizzling. Chilly breeze, that one, but at least it’s not raining.

. I think I’m starving my frogs. Should I release them near a pond in this chilly weather? Would you rather starve to death or freeze to death? Depends. Can I eat chocolate while I freeze to death?

. Is it time for a walk break yet?

. How many Penguins do you think will come to our gathering next year? I don’t know. We’ll never find out if we don’t get our butts in gear and start posting about reasons to come and accommodations and stuff.

. I think I’m going to run a little faster to that next set of stairs. Oh you are too? How fast should we go? (pant) This is FUN! (pant pant) Wahoo!

. What race should we do next? Maybe a 10k in September? Which one? Karen, have you set up your fall training program yet? Um….

. Whaddya say, one more up hill? Just a short, steep one, eh. Then we’ll head back to Starbuck’s for something to warm our fingers around.

. I really like your (Dawn’s) idea about setting up a Penguin Stampede blog and inviting the RBF to come too. What kind of template should the blog page have?

. I’m volunteering at the Robert Hamilton 10 miler finish line Sunday. Wanna come with? Pick you up at 7 am, then.

. Man, I love Hazelnut lattes. And running with a good buddy. Oh look, it’s starting to rain again…



  1. Well, now, that sounds like a very productive meeting!

  2. Great job on the minutes. You make a much better secretary than I. I need to bloggggggggggggggggg.

  3. Ooh, general invite to RBF is a great idea!! Love your minutes. I’ve got Calgary Marathon pencilled in on my web calendar… that’s not pencil, is it.

  4. The random topics made me laugh because that is exactly how my thoughts go while I’m running. Too funny!


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