Posted by: Karen | August 22, 2005

Weekend Away and Jail Break

I went North and visited family near Edmonton over the weekend. Camrose, Millet, Sherwood Park. Only a few hours of tea, hugs, and love for each house, but it was nice to connect. I probably drove as much as I visited, but it needed to be done. I really should have gotten up early Sunday morning before church to run, but I had plenty on my plate with visits and lots of travel time still ahead, so shut off the alarm and caught another hour of sleep.

Excuses, excuses, eh? Ah well, once school and soccer start up again I won’t have the luxury of leaving town, and summer’s zipping by too fast. Running is good, but my weekend run will wait until next weekend.

Frog Update:
**This post has been screened for TxSkatemom’s consumption. No webbed creatures are discernable in the photo.**

Today Froggy #2 made a hop for it. I changed their water, meaning they’re in the bowl instead of the pail today, and he made it up over the edge with the help of a trailing vine. I came home from work and went to check Froggyland as usual (to see if I’ve killed any yet), and did the usual head count. One, two tadpoles, one froggy. I peeked under all the leaves and gave Froggy #1 a hard stare.

“Alright. What did you do with #2?” He gave me the usual, frog-eyed cold shoulder.

“I ain’t doin’ nuthin’ but floating, eh! Didja find any mosquitoe larvae yet?”

I quickly scanned the surrounding counter and floor, and found Spotty (that’s #2’s new name) hiding under the potholder holder. Maybe he thought the daisy would be harbouring some nummy gnats.
If I can just get to that daisy...
I quickly fetched Hubby to show him our cute little fugitive and he promptly dumped the squirmer back in the bowl. Hubby then went out to our dying elm tree and brought in a twig covered with itty bitty buggies. See if they’ll eat those!



  1. Hey, I found a site that talks about what tadpoles eat. Lettuce! I guess you cook it and then freeze it to serve later. Sounds like when they get bigger they’ll eat bloodworms too. Ewwww.

  2. Go froggy go!! HOP FOR YOUR LIFE!!

  3. *sings*

    “…tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak…”

    so, did they eat the itty bitty bugs?

  4. There seem to be noticeably less bugs on the twig than there were last night. Not sure if they’ve drowned and sunk to the bottom or if the froggies ate them. Not very many on the bottom, either…

    I can’t catch them in the act of eating. They know I’m there and freeze, as if they’re one of my kids caught in the act of smuggling junk food.

    They do seem to be a bit more active today, though.


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