Posted by: Karen | August 19, 2005

Exploring a Trail & Frog Update

Don’t worry, TxSkatemom, no pics of froggies today.

Last night I went exploring in my new neighbourhood. I knew that somewhere in the NE corner there was an off leash doggie park with dirt trails, and I’d been itching to check it out. What fun! There were lots of dirt trails going hither and yon, through stands of trees, over hills that were just right for zipping down and trudging up. I ran up some and walked up alternating ones, but ran DOWN them all. I think I was the only person out there without a dog, but I had just as much fun as the four-legged, furry-kids. Wheee!

There was one hill that I ended up running around and over several times, because I wanted to see where different trails led, but I managed to not get lost and am looking forward to figuring out where all the trails lead over the next few weeks. I pounded the dirt for about 40 minutes total, with about 7 minutes to and from the trails on pavement. I have to do this again.

If you’re squeamish about amphibians and bugs, just skip this part and continue on your merry mammalian way 🙂
After the run Soccer Boy and I headed out to the back yard in search of bugs to feed the froggies. We have two tadpoles who seem like they’re not developing at all, but the two who have metamorphed into four-legged beings have very rapidly re-absorbed their tails. According to all sources, I need to feed them something besides the sinking tadpole food, so out to the back yard we went. Since these are eensy weensy froggies, I sought out tiny bugs. Not the daddy long legs, he’s bigger than the frogs. We snagged a few ants and some miniscule centipedes and dumped them into froggy land.

One little ant crawled all over Froggy #1, and F1 just got plain irritated with this THING. The biggest ant smartly headed to the top of the highest, driest leaf and is still there this morning, rubbing his eyes and wondering where the heck he is. I don’t think these froggies like to eat ants, so now I have two pet ants to add to our pet inventory. Maybe baby frogs don’t like crunchy food to start. We found a couple of slugs out in the back yard, but they looked too big for the Frogs to eat. I wonder if they’d try them if I cut them up?



  1. Glad you didn’t get lost. Its always fun to explore new routes.

  2. I think this whole tadpole to froggy thing is fascinating and loved you pictures the other day! And your trail sounds cool – how nice to have a new place to explore.

  3. That sounds fun. You are definitely an outdoors girl!

  4. gnats and mosquito larve, that’s what they’re most likely to eat at this age. as they get a little larger, they’ll go for crickets, pincer bugs and earwigs. i’ve yet to see a frog eat an ant.

    oh, and cutting up the slug? what a great visual to go along with the disclaimer!

  5. Laffs,, I love this,, so glad your enjoying the frogs. We have several and still lots of tadpoles,, one is really huge and we dont know WHAT kind of frog he will turn out to be.. I do believe that there are different types of frogs from the mudhole they were squirming in.. So not sure what kind you will end up with.

  6. Cut them up. GROSS! You crack me up!


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