Posted by: Karen | August 9, 2005

Three Hills and Some Stairs Too

Tonight Krista and I ran west along Crescent Road, down by the LRT tracks and back up along Memorial to the Curling Club stairs. It took us about 28 minutes to get that far, which the map shows was about 4.4 km. We then ran up and down the curling club hill 3 times, and went up the stairs the last time before heading to Gord’s. Krista was an amazing steamroller, chugging along at her steady pace. I made it up and down in fits and starts, but I didn’t walk more than a few steps at a time. I had a great time running in my new Saucony Grid Omnis.

I’m having a great time measuring my runs with this Gmaps Pedometer site.

The map says that this hill is about .4 km (in rounding up) but I’ve only mapped it once, so our total distance isn’t accurately reflected on the site. When I add up the distance using the map’s estimation for the hill and include the same distance for the stairs, because they cover the same altitude, I get about 7.7 km for the night, with a solid hill workout thrown in.

I have to hand it to Krista for encouraging me to do it. I would have quit after the 2nd hill on my own!



  1. Stairs….I tried some here in CT (to go up to the highway overpass) and they about killed me. You ran? Good for you. I walked ’em…killed my time, but saved my legs and my breath:)


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