Posted by: Karen | August 6, 2005

Downhill Race

The Family One Mile Downhill Run was kind of fun. I signed up my whole family including my tired, overworked hubby, and we all did it. First, before we could run the whole way down, we of course had to get up to the top. We hadn’t left much time, so took the steep trail up to the top. We started the hill below Dawn and here’s a shot of her about 2/3 of the way up.

What wants to run down, must first go up

I’m sure when she puts her photos up she’ll have a butt shot of Little Runner and me in there. At first Little Runner stayed back with Daddy, who was walking the race briskly. He had rather enjoyed the hike UP the hill, with his long legs, but didn’t enjoy running down, so he walked. I had run on ahead a bit, so afterwards she saw me and ran faster to catch up. Soccer Boy had taken off like a shot at the beginning, and then again after he retrieved his shoe which came off at the start 🙂 The course went down a winding paved road that cut into the hill, so we couldn’t see everyone ahead of us, just those in our portion of the race.

There was indeed a Timbit table part of the way down. I got one of the last chocolate ones, and Little Runner chose one with bits of fruit in it. I would have eaten one for Jeff, too (as requested), but we were told by the volunteers that there were exactly the same number of Timbits as runners – no extras! There was no water to wash it down with, but it was yummy all the same. Little Runner did not want to rush down the hill, and Dawn easily passed us a couple of times. She heartily cheered us in to the finish, and we had fun chatting with Philippa (her partner from the Light Up the World race) afterwards, too.

We all lined up for burgers, chips and water. They had veggie burgers and hot dogs too. It’s rare to have a barbeque after a race! There were no fruit or sweets, but lots of door prizes. I would have thought that a race promising a Timbit table in the middle would have had some more at the bottom, too. Little Runner won a simple Polar heart rate monitor and some soft Race for the Cure socks. Woohoo!



  1. That’s a HUGE hill! Running down that would be a nightmare. My quads hurt just looking at it.

    And YEA for little runner winning the HRM! That’s a cool prize. 🙂

  2. next year i’ll sign up for the race just so you can eat one for me!

  3. Where is this hill? I am trying to find a hill in Tampa to start hill sprint training, but this place is all too flat!!!



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