Posted by: Karen | August 2, 2005

Cool Breezes & Race Packages

The last few days it’s been what we call hot here: 30C/86F, but today it cooled down just in time for my Tuesday night run at Gord’s. Dawn took a night off, but Krista and I had a nice 5 mile jog. The sun is starting to set a bit earlier again, so we had some great shade from the trees along the river, and there was a persistently strong, cool cross breeze throughout the run. I felt great, much better than I did on Saturday’s run.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to get warm again for the next few days, so I’ll try and get up early for Thursday’s run in hopes of running in some coolness. It really made a difference to have those breezes!

We picked up our packages for the Family Downhill Run tomorrow night. Soccer Boy was not impressed with the goodies in the bag – Secret Deodorant, Dove Body Conditioner, and Kicking Horse Coffee. Little Runner thought the cosmetic stuff was neat, but she absolutely lit up when she found the most important item in the bag…

“Look, Mommy, a new RACE NUMBER for me!”

There’s a girl with her priorities straight.



  1. Wow, I never get anything in my race packet except the chip, the shirt, and race announcements. 😦

  2. 86F? Really? Can I have some? My morning runs finish around 29-30C. Sigh.

    That’s OK, we’ll exchange jibes again when I run in the freezing cold 65F Florida winter. 🙂

    Little Runner clearly understands the importance of a race number. Has she already started collecting shirts from cool races? That’s the next step, of course.

    Hope all is well. Things seem to be well adjusted since the move.


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