Posted by: Karen | July 31, 2005

A Tad Warm

I know all you southern U.S. runners are out there at O dark 30 getting in your runs but I’ve been slacking off with no immediate solid goal before me. Did I say something in a recent post about setting some more goals? Well I haven’t yet, and I’m kind of enjoying my temporary limbo.

I did get out for a warm half-hour jog around the neighborhood late yesterday morning, and even dropped by my local Running Room and signed up for a downhill race. Wednesday night I’m bringing the whole darn family along for the Downhill Family Mile. There is a rule which stipulates that “Everyone runs a mile downhill with a pause to eat and swallow a Timbit on the way down the hill or a time penalty will be applied to the runners overall time” ! !

There’s also a barbeque and some other family fun things happening afterwards. I couldn’t possibly pass up a DOWNHILL race, and this sounded too fun for the rest of the family to miss.



  1. Eat a timibt? You know the plain ones would give someone a distinct advantage over the cream filled or chocolate, which would take longer to swallow!!

  2. No way could you pass up a race with a name like that. Its destiny! 🙂

  3. I’m signing up tomorrow. I did 40 minutes in today’s heat. Hope you had a great weekend and see you on Tuesday.

  4. eat a timbit for me!

  5. Gotta love a race that makes that rule!!

  6. Sometimes a little Limbo Time is good for you…especially when you have a timbit or two while you lolly…


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