Posted by: Karen | July 24, 2005

Dawn’s Day in the Sun

Yesterday Bessie and I went to cheer on Dawn at the Light Up the World Relay. Since I was unsure of how my healing knee would take 10 km on trails, Dawn asked one of our fellow Roadrunners and Gord’s Store buddies to fill in for me. Philippa is what we call a “skinny fast”, but she is coming back from a massive ankle fracture from last year and has been taking it easy on trails. Philippa would run the 10k leg first, and then Dawn would follow up with the 5k loop. The pairing was perfect – Philippa finished in great time, and Dawn actually got to have a few folks still out on the course with her. I think we’re going to have to each find faster partners for next year!

Definitely check out her report for the details.

Here are some photos of her race day:
Bessie is so excited to cheer. Philippa Finishes
The Hand Off
Dawn Finishes Philippa Dawn and Bessie



  1. Go DAWN! Long Live the Cows!


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