Posted by: Karen | July 15, 2005

Glad This Didn’t Happen Last Week

Last night I took Soccer Boy to the South end of the city for his last game of the season. I wore my running shorts and shoes, and once I’d dropped him off and said hi to the other parents I headed off to find a hill to run. I found a nice short loop that took me about 10 minutes to run, including a nice 3 minute hill. On my second loop I thought that maybe I should wander a bit farther and find a bathroom before doing that hill again, and I managed to find the Canyon Meadows C-train station. No bathroom available there, but there was a commercial zone just beyond it, and I headed over towards the mall with the gym in it.

Since I have a trail race coming up in a couple of weeks, I thought I’d run on the dirt instead of the sidewalk. So there I am, running along looking at the dirt, and I sensed someone walking towards the station. I like to be aware of my surroundings, so I looked up to see who it was. Apparently I should have kept my awareness of my surroundings focused on the ground, as in that split second a bent metal pipe sticking up out of the ground grabbed my left foot and I went sprawling forward in the dirt.

“Whoa! Are you okay? That was quite a wipe out!” Skateboard kid is wide-eyed, as I’m quickly assessing my right elbow and pinkie knuckle, my left palm, and my left knee. Ooh, the knee has had a large patch of skin scraped. I brushed out most of the dirt, reassured Skaterboi that I was okay enough, and jogged bravely towards the Good Life Fitness Centre. The staff helpfully showed me to the locker rooms so I could wash up. I rinsed my wounds as well as I could and then the receptionist handed me bandages and ointment so I could patch up and get back to Soccer Boy’s game. I didn’t have any trouble getting back, even jogged a fair bit. I would have run more, but the cloth tape holding the gauze on my knee kept sweating off, so I’d stick them back on and walk for a bit.

I made it back with about 10 minutes of the game left, so collected the boy and headed home, stopping only for a slurpee. I removed the gauze and cloth tape and we re-dressed my scrapes with Nexcare Tegaderm over the knee scrape and fast healing gel strips for my pinkie knuckle. I have had allergic reactions to Elastoplast adhesive, so wanted to get the cloth bandages off as soon as possible.

Hubby made me a tequila paralyzer and I toddled gently off to bed. Around 2 a.m. the paralyzer wore off and I limped to the kitchen for Advil. I feel much better this morning – no pain at least. The knee seems to have wept a lot, and the bandage has sealed all that moisture in, leaving a pouch of liquid there. I’m wondering if I should change the bandage, or leave it. I think I’ll call the Healthlink line and ask a nurse.

I hope I can still do a training run this weekend.



  1. Hmmm “a tequilla paralyzer” – I think I will pretend injury just to get one. Hope you are doing better today. I’m off to a party right after work. Hopefully no hangover tomorrow.

  2. Glad that it wasn’t more serious and that you’re okay! I wouldn’t mind a tequilla paralyzer either. Esp. one prepared by my hubby. How sweet! kirsten


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