Posted by: Karen | July 15, 2005

First Half Marathon – Post Race

I don?t think I?ve ever been that happy at a finish line, and I LOVE finishing races. I crossed with a huge smile on my face and panted up to a straw bale to have my chip removed by a couple of Roadrunners. They grinned at me and told me if I run any faster I?m going to have to give up my Penguin status. I received my medal, looked at the big crowd, and turned back to the finish line. The announcer was quite excited, as the kids were starting to come in from their mile, and several sub 3:15 marathoners were finishing. I walked back on the course through throngs of kids, looking for the purple shirt I?d laid out for my blonde Little Runner. I’ve already posted about her finish and my attempt to keep up with her here. Next time we try this dual finish thing I’m just going to wait for her at the straw bales.

There were kids, parents, and race finishers everywhere. I held Little Runner’s hand and we milled around the exit of the finishing chutes until her Grandpa found us. He had lost Soccer Boy (he just wandered away) and had left Grandma somewhere near the finish. I had given Soccer Boy my old cell phone with a few pay as you go minutes in it, so I called him and asked him to meet us at the base of the large clock tower. It seems he was the one calling my name as I finished. Grandpa went off in search of Grandma. Dianne found me in my bright pink hat and I told her about my race over a hamburger, watermelon, oranges and chocolate pudding. There were bagels too, but Kids Mile competitors receive a free burger at the finish and shucks, Little Runner didn’t want hers 🙂 Grandma and Grandpa came back and retrieved Soccer Boy, as they were taking him to his game at 12:30. I am very blessed to have such supportive in-laws. Hubby was still cleaning out junk over at the old house, and had to work from noon to 8:30 pm.

After a porta pottie stop we headed over to the air filled bouncer and the balloon guy, where Nancy C. found me and we had a good visit. We cheered on age group finishers as they received their prizes. After Little Runner got a balloon, we picked up my checked bag, checked our results and dropped off Dawn on the way home. I took a long, coolish bath, picked up a sub sandwich for supper, and headed back over to the old house for one last go. I was there from 4 – 9 pm, and still never got the tops of the cupboards washed. All of our stuff was out, and the bathrooms and appliances were cleaned, we were DONE.

Little Runner and I went home and Hubby and I popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate our successful move and races. What a weekend!



  1. Well Done! Sounds like great fun!

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  3. Congratulations – that sounded like an awesome race. Glad to read about it!

  4. Congratulations on running a terrific race!!! An amazing accomplishment!


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