Posted by: Karen | July 14, 2005

First Half Marathon – Pre-Race

Our big moving day was the Wednesday before the Sunday race. I got no sleep the first night in the new house, because we had only paid the movers to move furniture and large items that we had packed up, and I was stressed/excited. There was still a lot of stuff over at the old house that we?d have to sort through and toss/give away/haul over before we could clean up, and Hubby and I were still working at our respective jobs. I thought we could manage it with a few hours here and there around our work schedules and have it done by mid-Saturday, but it was iffy. By the time Saturday came we still had a ton of stuff to do, and I still needed my rest before the race. I struggled very hard not to become an emotional basket case, but Little Runner and I cried together when the Rubbish Express guys came and destroyed our ancient, heavy upright piano (with the cracked sounding board) in the back yard before hauling it away. It is a very, very sad thing to hear a piano being murdered. Let it go, I had to say to myself, let it go.

My Saturday carbo loading and hydration consisted of a few handfuls of Shreddies and blueberries for lunch, with multiple glasses of water. I didn?t have time to sit down. I wanted chicken for supper, but only took time for a quick bowl of spaghetti and tomato sauce. We did our best at the old house, and Little Runner and I ended up at the Calgary Roadrunners booth at the race expo only slightly late for my 2 hour volunteer shift at 4 pm. I met Linda for the first time and we visited at the booth. I?m afraid I wasn?t much use otherwise, but I did take home the Roadrunners clothing, as I?m in charge of it.

At least I had packed my race bag before the move. I knew where my sunscreen, Body Glide, running togs, shoes, Ultima powder, gels, bandana and hat were. Before I went to bed at around 10:30 I pinned our numbers to our shirts and attached our chips to our shoes. I laid out Little Runner?s clothes for the next day, taking care not to dress her in red, as that was this year?s t-shirt colour. I wanted to make it easier pick her out of the crowd. I deliberately let go of my moving stress as much as I could and focused solely on my race.

I was up at 4 a.m. Sunday morning, well before my 5:00 alarm. I thought I was up because I was hungry and hadn?t eaten enough protein the day before, so I heated up some wieners and beans. Normally I LOVE wieners and beans, but when I could only stomach a few spoonfuls of beans I realized that it was just nerves. I went back to bed for a 30 minute ?nap?. Got up again at 5 am, did dishes, ate pb toast and more blueberries, drank coffee and water and took my first Imodium. On the drive to the race I fought to keep all house thoughts out of my head, and thought about the finish line instead. Thinking about the finish line made me teary too, so I slid a Jodee Messina CD into the player and sang along with ?That?s the Way?

I set my resolve. I would have a great race, I would see my Little Runner finish, and I would survive this move. I would have the strength, energy and flexibility to get ?er done.


  1. Wow Karen! Moving is so stressful all on its own, I don’t know how you managed a race in there too! I’m glad I already know this has a happy ending or I would be on pins and needles waiting for your next installment.

    I hope the rest of your move goes smoothly.


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