Posted by: Karen | July 11, 2005

My First Half Marathon – Short Story

Despite finishing our move and putting in a small amount of volunteer time with the Calgary Roadrunners I somehow managed to find time to race the Crape Geomatics Half Marathon. The race was undoubtedly the best part of my weekend! I vaguely remember a few km somewhere between 16 and 19 where things got quiet and I had to really focus, but otherwise I had an awesome run. I ran faster than I thought I could for such a long time, and it was great.

I will get into the total debrief of every detail later, but here are a few impressions of the day to start.

Linda Loubob came and started the race with Krista, Linda L., Dawn and I. It was so cool to finally spend some time with her in person.

Running Buddy Linda was as patient in her pacing of me as ever, and I really value her support and company the whole way. Thanks so much, Linda! I had no strategy but to just run our 10/1, run/walk pattern, consume my sports drink and gels, and hope for the best. Linda’s strategy for us included getting well in front of the 2:30 pace bunny and staying ahead of him the rest of the way. There were times in the first 10k when I definitely felt we were going much faster than our usual long run pace, but I was happy to be pushing it at the same time. I believed I would still be able to find the strength I needed at the end.

I made it in 2:26:38, official chip time! I haven’t had such a happy-finish-line high since… ever!

Not only did I finish before my goal of 2:30, but I had time to have my chip removed, receive my medal, and walk back through the throngs of kids finishing their race to find Little Runner. She gave me a bone crushing hug, and then sprinted towards the finish like a jackrabbit on speed. I barely kept up, but as I bounded after her my medal came off my ribbon and bounced off my foot. It took me a couple of steps for this information to sink in, as folks in the crowd helped me realize it. I stopped and went back for the medal, leaving Little Runner to cross the finish on her own. The whole finish was a very crowded place by now, but I found Little Runner waiting for me between the finishing mats. I took her hand and we crossed together. I’m so proud of her. When we checked her time we discovered that she’d run it a whole minute faster than last year, at 13:18.

My camera batteries were low and I wasn’t sure where I’d packed the spares, so left it at home. Dawn has a great pic of us on her blog, bless her pink heart.

What an exhilirating experience. Thanks for all your good wishes and support. I’ll describe more of the weekend later.



  1. You had an awesome race and each time you passed me (going the other way) you looked like you were having a blast. I knew you would do well. I’ll send you the pic in a bit. See you Tuesday.

  2. Fantastic!! That’s a great time and a wonderful report – so glad you had a good race! Congratulations to both you and Little Runner!!

  3. wow,, what a great time!! Awesome!! Congratulations to you and little runner.. I am happy for you that your outcome was fairly close to your imagination of it.. so cool 🙂

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  5. Awesome!! You beat your goal time AND you got to finish that mile with Little Runner! Congratulations to both of you!!!



    And you beat your goal, too!

    Sounds GREAT!!! Congratulations!

  7. It was a great day wasn’t it!! I truly enjoyed finally meeting and spending some time with you guys. You were just what I expected. Great race you did too!

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  9. A great, fun race! Congratulations

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  11. Just read your latest chapter or three. You answered most of the questions I forgot to ask last weekend! Heal fast, okay? Little Runner tried little stilts today! We are having a blast.
    Love you lots, Mom


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