Posted by: Karen | July 9, 2005

Little Runner Update

In this week’s chaos I neglected to post about Little Runner’s last 8 miles. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings I walked her down the big hill to the Y to her day camp – at least a mile and a half one way. That took care of 3 miles. I asked her daycamp supervisors to time her when they went out on hikes or walks and they reported that she did at least 2 miles a day with them (using a 20 minute mile as a guesstimate). So technically, she’s already finished her marathon. I won’t tell her, though – we need to keep that last mile for her RACE.

On the moving front, I’ve been up late at the old house, throwing out junk, junk, and more junk. Where did it all come from?!! Tomorrow I clean it top to bottom, hopefully before I have to go volunteer at the Roadrunners booth at the race expo at 4 pm.

Next year I’m going to do the Full M. It sounds waaayyy easier than moving!



  1. I sure hope its easier than moving because moving is a nightmare! 😀


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