Posted by: Karen | July 7, 2005

Movement and Taper Rambling

When I got home from running on Tuesday night Hubby had dismantled my computer, as the movers were coming Wednesday, so I couldn’t tell you about the hot, sunny, sweaty run Krista and I put in. Krista had donated blood the day before and was tired, and I was quite happy for the excuse to keep the run short and light. We’ve had a gorgeously hot week, and now I’m starting to obsess about being too HOT on the race. All through May and June we trained in the rain, with the premise of “What if it rains on race day?”, and now I’m trying to remind myself how to run in warmer stuff.

I’m finding lots of other stuff to obsess about besides the race, too. Like all that stuff still over at my old house that has to be moved here. And where am I going to put all the stuff that’s here? I think I got 4 hours of sleep last night. I couldn’t get my heart rate to slow down. I’d post some pics of the chaos surrounding me, but my computer and the camera aren’t on great terms at the moment.

A bright moment last night: Running Buddy Linda jogged by last night and was tickled pink she’d managed to find my new home, just as we were returning from dinner. Monday night she’d gone hunting for a four leaf clover (even though she’d never found one before), and she FOUND ONE. Not only that, but she pressed it, taped it to a note, and wrote some encouraging words to me for luck in my race and my new house. She was just going to drop it in the mail box, but serendipitously arrived to give it to me in person. I will remember her encouragement, and that of everyone who’s been cheering me on. Thoughts of my friends will be like cool breezes on a hot day.

I think I will sleep better tonight. I put some things away in the cupboards, there’s food in the fridge and the dishes are done.



  1. I hear you about fretting over the heat, I’m doing the same thing here. Rest well, I’m sure you will rock the race!!

  2. You’ll be fine and stop that worrying! Get some sleep and hydrate well. Tonight’s sleep is most important. Maybe you can rent a relaxing movie or something (if the VCR and TV are unpacked).

    You’ll do great, Karen!

  3. I’m hoping the weatherman is right and it’ll be one of the cooler mornings of the week on Sunday. See you tomorrow!

  4. A huge run and a new house. No wonder you aren’t sleeping. Deep breath:)

  5. Good thoughts and vibes your way for Sunday’s race! I will be thinking of you, Linda loubob and Dawn! Oh and way to fun for little runners race!


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