Posted by: Karen | July 4, 2005

Quick 5, Slow 5

Happy Independence Day to my American Friends! Yeah, we Canadians make fun of you sometimes, but we know you have a sense of humour – you keep luring our comedians south. We have lots of Americans here in Calgary so chances are I’ll see some stars and stripes sometime today.

Yesterday running buddy Linda L. came over and helped me pack boxes. It really helped that she used to work for Royal Doulton, and is very comfortable with packing fragile things. She packed away all of my china and crystal and most of my kitchen. I am blessed to have good friends.

After packing all day I had Hubby grill some steaks and we had a good dinner. I ate lightly, as I planned on going for an evening run. Sis-in-Law popped over after supper and Hubby took her over to see the new house, leaving me with the kiddos, so I got to fold some laundry and digest my steak a little longer before my run. Laundry needed doing anyway. It is nice to be able to add a little bit of order to my life when the rest is so strewn haphazardly about.

Finally got out for my run by 9:30 pm. The sun set at 9:38 according to the weatherman, so I had a nice twilight run. The first 5k took me eastward and down a hill. There was just enough westerly breeze to keep the mosquitoes off me, and my legs really needed to GO. First km took me 6:30. I knew that was too fast for an “easy” 10k for me, so tried to slow down the rest of the first mile and still did it in 9:35. Um. Sure felt GOOD to be out and running, eh!

I continued on along the plateau and then down the loooooong hill, about 1.3ish km, to finish my first 5k in under 32 minutes. I knew the way back would be slower and wouldn’t feel as good, but I had needed that strong, fast, fun feeling.

I made it back up the hill by walking 2 lamposts, running 3, walking 2, running 4, walking some more. I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get back, I’d spent my stress energy and heck, I’m supposed to be taking it easy before next week’s Half. I was done with being focused and diligent, and I let myself walk for several minutes at a time on the way back. I finished the total 10km in 1:13, including a 2 minute walk before I got home.



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