Posted by: Karen | July 3, 2005

More Miles for Little Runner

I’ve been neglecting Little Runner’s training plan, in trying to get housework and packing done. Okay, and in reading blogs and watching t.v. and obsessing about not getting stuff done…

Anyhoo, we got some boxes packed and moved yesterday and after supper she claimed her mile time. The evening was cool and the sun’s still up late, so we walked for about an hour and 25 minutes. We blew kisses at the X fence, a cute little ritual we have. We noticed TONS of purple, yellow and pink wildflowers. Most of the pink ones were wild roses. We only stopped at one playground for about 5 minutes, even though she lobbied really hard for the second one on the way home. We stopped by her Godparents’ place and rang the doorbell, but they weren’t home, so we left a daisy in their mailbox. We stuck mostly to paved paths and dirt trails and the mosquitoes weren’t so bad. Forgot the repellent, but didn’t suffer any bites and only swatted one.

We did more running on the way home, even though she was getting tired. Maybe especially because she was getting tired. Most of the time I can walk fairly briskly and she takes occasional running steps to keep up. When she got tired towards the end she’d lag behind, and then have to run further to catch up. She devised a fun running game, where she’d pick a rock or a curb and sit down, oh so tired, and then she’d run up behind me and catch me. “Gotcha!” The more we played this the more we ran, because sometimes I wouldn’t be so easy to catch, eh?

I conservatively guesstimate our pace at about 20 minutes per mile or faster, so I’m giving her 4 miles for last night. That brings her total to 17 miles. Still need 8 more in the next week. This is still very possible.

Whew, why is 4 miles of picking flowers and playing “Gotcha” so tiring? Well, it certainly is way more fun than packing boxes.



  1. “Gotcha” sounds delightful, and definitely a superior choice to those darned boxes!!!!

  2. Moving is a nightmare. Packing stinks. The running sounds like a good break. I like that she’s doig the kid’d marathon. I hope she can get her last 8 this week. 1 or 2 every night and she’s there.

    And I think “Gotcha” is like interval training.


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