Posted by: Karen | June 30, 2005

Mile 13 – Soccer, Skeeters & Puddle

Little Runner and I went to Soccer Boy’s game last night armed with the strongest DEET formula I could find. After spraying all the players and anyone else who hadn’t been DEETed already Little Runner and I set off to do our mile before the game. I had contemplated two, but we didn’t get that far. She ran on the down slopes, and occasionally to different sign posts I pointed out.

(Disclaimer, for anyone contemplating coming to Calgary next year – the mosqitoes have NEVER been this bad. This is highly unusual, and I’m banning them from next year’s festivities)

In the end, the playground called her name and she was lured in by the siren of the BIG puddle there. She had on her NEW SHOES and I had neglected to bring her rubber boots along. I had meant to, but forgot. Before going to get the lawn chair and assorted blankets I gave her STRICT instructions: these New Pink Flashing Lights Barbie Shoes will NOT GO IN ANY PUDDLES. She repeated it back to me. I let her go to the playground with some apprehension.

Soccer Boy’s grandparents pulled up, and I chatted with them for a minute. Soccer Boy trooped past with his team and pointed out that Little Runner was in the puddle (I forsee a great career for him in law enforcement).
I stomped over to the playground, gesturing and shouting her name like a curse word.

“WHAT are you doing in the PUDDLE!” (and then, noticing one bare foot after the other splashing along) “and… um… where are your shoes?” New Pink Flashing Lights Barbie Shoes were tidily sitting on the steps to the slide, with her socks neatly tucked into them.

“Well, I’ll just take these shoes over to my chair and you can have them when you’re done, eh?” She had found the loophole – I knew when it was time to back off. She played happily for the first half of the game, and then had a Nutrigrain bar and damply cuddled up in two blankets on my lap for the second half. I love snuggly children.

Soccer Boy’s team played very well, but their goalie was amazing and ours fumbled a couple of easy ones he normally would have gotten. A couple of times our boys were injured and I had a long moment of anxiety when Soccer Boy was one of them, but he and the other injured player were up and playing again before long. Most of the time the boys looked like devout Catholics, their hands waving in cross patterns as they swatted at bugs. Even though the skeeters wouldn’t land on them, they still hovered in swarms. We lost 4-2, but Grandpa noticed a marked improvement in our team’s skills from the game he’d attended a few weeks ago.



  1. Ahhh, summer. You describe it so well! Little Runner sounds very clever! 🙂

  2. Me thinks the little runner is clever like her mom. As for the mosquitos – OMG, I can’t believe how many. I walked across the field this morning and was completely covered head to toe. Being half asleep I didn’t notice til I was in the middle and too late to turn back. There were hundreds, maybe more.

  3. Heh, heh. A cop and lawyer in those two I think. 😀

  4. hehe…you’re going to have your hands full with that one, that’s for sure! how cool is it though, that the lure of the puddle was so strong, but her desire to obey mom was stronger?

  5. I had to laugh, I can visulize myself stomping over there, feeling the same way, but hey, the shoes are safe,, lol. I enjoyed your story.


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